When Progress reports
2016 ㆍCollected extensive web sources during the test phase
ㆍFormed and operated a website archive professionals group
2015.12. ㆍRevamped the OASIS website
ㆍBuilt National Disaster/Issues/Topics Collection
2013~2014 ㆍUpdated OASIS (improving the capacity and capability of Heritrix collectors server)
2011.10. ㆍBuilt the OASIS metadata DB and standardized functions (introduced Heritrix Collectors)
2008.10. ㆍJoined IIPC (International Internet Preservation Consortium) as a regular member
2007.04. ㆍConducted OASIS standardization research; expanded and improved system functions
2006.06. ㆍOASIS project was selected by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as one of the 5 Innovation brands
2006.04. ㆍEstablished long-term strategic plans and expanded system for OASIS
2006.02. ㆍOpened the OASIS website to the public
2005.12. ㆍExpanded and improved the web-based OASIS system
2005.06. ㆍAfter public naming contest, ‘OASIS’ was selected as a winner and OASIS domain was registered
2004.07. ㆍCommissioned ‘Fundamental Research on Preservation of Digital Heritage’
2004.04. ㆍCommissioned ‘Research on Composing and Operating Online Digital Resource Deliberation Section Committee’

- Carried out location analyses on online digital resources by topic

2004.02. ㆍOrganization and operation of online digital resources review committee

- set guidelines on collection and selection of online digital resources

2003.12. ㆍOrganized and operated a dedicated task force team
2003.10. ㆍ(President’s directives at the Cabinet meeting) Initiated collection and preservation of digital resources
ㆍ(Debriefing the Minister) collecting extensive online digital resources on Korea
2001.11. ㆍBuilt Online Works Collection and Preservation System ISP and its demo version
When Progress reports