When Progress reports
2001.11. ㆍCollection and Preservation System of Online Works(ISP) and Demonstration System Development
2003.10. ㆍPresident instructed to promote the works on collecting and preserving digital resources during the Cabinet meeting.
ㆍReporting to the Minister about collecting online digital resources related to Korea
2003.12. ㆍTask Force team organization and operation
2004.02. ㆍOrganization and operation of online digital resources review committee

- The guidelines for collection and selection of online digital resources

2004.04. ㆍPromoting research projects including location information services of online digital resources by each topics.
2004.07. ㆍResearch projects based on digital heritage preservation
2005.06.22. ㆍEnglish name Internet Competition about the project and OASIS domain registration
2005.12.01. ㆍExpansion and improvement of OASIS system based on web
2006.02.13. ㆍPublic Service on OASIS Homepage
2006.04. ㆍOASIS long-term strategic planning and system functions expansion projects
2006.06. ㆍOASIS project has selected by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as 5 Innovation brands
2007.04. ㆍOASIS standardization research tasks and system functions expansion / improvement projects
2008.10.01. ㆍJoined IIPC(International Internet Preservation Consortium) as a regular member(Attending annual general meeting since 2009)
2011.10. ㆍOASIS metadata DB Construction and functions standardization (introduced nine Heritrix Collectors)
2013~2014 ㆍOASIS improvement(improving the capacity and capability of Heritrix collectors server 9 → 13)
2015.12. ㆍOASIS functions improvement Project(Main homepage reorganization)
When Progress reports