2018 ㆍPilot Program for Twitter Collection
2017 ㆍVisualizing Service for Website Archiving
2016 ㆍPilot Program for Comprehensive Website Collection
Organizing Expert Group of Website Archiving
2015.12. ㆍRestructuring the OASIS Website
ㆍCollection for National Disaster, Events and Topics
2013~2014 ㆍUpdating the OASIS System (Increasing Heritrix Server)
2011.10. ㆍBuilding the OASIS Metadata DB and Function Standardization (Introducing Heritrix Collector)
2008.10. ㆍJoining the IIPC(International Internet Preservation Consortium) as a Regular Member
2007.04. ㆍExpanding the OASIS Standardization Research and Improving System Functions
2006.06. ㆍSelected as one of the Five Innovative Brands by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism
2006.04. ㆍEstablishing Long-term Strategic Plan for Information and Improving System Functions
2006.02. ㆍOpen Service of the OASIS to the Public
2005.12. ㆍImproving the Web-based OASIS System
2005.06. ㆍInternet Contest for the Naming of New System – the OASIS as domain name
2004.07. ㆍContract for ‘Basic Research on Preservation of Digital Heritage’
2004.04. ㆍContract for ‘Research on Deliberation Sub-committee for Digital Resources and Its Operation’
2004.02. ㆍOrganizing the Deliberation and Operation Committee for Digital Resources
2003.12. ㆍOrganizing Special Task Force for Online Digital Resources
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