• France
    Archives de l'Internet(Bibliothèque nationale de France Web Archives) Homepage
    Archives de l'Internet(Bibliothèque nationale de France Web Archives)
  • Australia
    TROVE Homepage
    TROVE - Australian free faceted-search engine hosted by the National Library of Australia.
  • U.S.A
    MINERVA Homepage
    Library of Congress - The Library of Congress Web Archives (LCWA) is composed of collections ofarchived web sites selected by subject specialists to represent web-based informationon a designated topic. The early development projectfor Web archives was called MINERVA(Mapping the INternet Electronic Resources Virtual Archive).
  • United Kingdom
    UK Web Archive Homepage
    UK Web Archive (UKWA) - The UK Web Archive (UKWA) is a partnership of the six UK Legal Deposit Libraries, Bodleian Libraries, Oxford University, British Library, Cambridge University Libraries, National Library of Scotland, National Library of Wales, Trinity College, Dublin.
  • Japan
    WARP Homepage
    WARP - Web Archiving Project -National Diet Library, Tokyo, Japan
  • Sweden
    Kulturarw3 Homepage
    Kulturarw3 - Swedish National Library Archiving Project since 1997
  • Croatia
    Hrvatski arhiv weba Homepage
    Hrvatski arhiv weba - The Web Archiving Project of National and University Library of Croatia since 2004
  • Austria
    Web@rchive Austria Homepage
    Web@rchive Austria - Austrian National Library legal deposit for online media became operative in March 2009. It allows four domain crawls per year of the .at domain and of websites related to Austria.
  • Czech
    Webarchiv Homepage
    Webarchiv - National Library of the Czech Republic
  • Denmark
    netarchive.dk Homepage
    netarchive.dk - The Royal Library Copenhagen
  • Spain
    Spanish Web Archive Homepage
    Spanish Web Archive - The Spanish Web Archive is maintained by the National Library of Spain with the collaboration of regional libraries.
  • New Zealand
    New Zealand Web Archive Homepage
    New Zealand Web Archive - The New Zealand Web Archive forms part of the Alexander Turnbull Library’s collection within the National Library of New Zealand.
  • U.S.A
    Internet Archive Homepage
    Internet Archive - Internet Archiveis a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.